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Meet jessica aka bean

A few years ago I was short on cash during the holidays and I was scouring Pinterest for some DIY gifts I could make for my family.


I came across a pin on Pinterest for DIY candles and later that day I bought some mason jars, wax, fragrance oil and some cotton wicks. 

I gifted 12 candles that Christmas and truth be told, they were pretty terrible! But I was still proud of them and was determined to perfect the craft. 

Fast forward a few years later and my candle making obsession took over our home so much we had to carve out a little nook for all my candle making supplies and a cute little work space.

I'm still learning, but nothing beats the feeling of knowing that something I hand crafted is bringing warmth and those hygge vibes into someone's home.


Stay cozy, friends!

xo bean